Differential equations and changing minds

Understanding of differential equations is a great tool for engineers designing complex systems, but taken by themselves, they’ve changed few minds that aren’t engineers.

It’s often that as technical leaders, the importance of non-technical people is overlooked. Have an idea for a new clean energy? How good will the adoption be without buy-in from politicians, investors, consumers, etc?

Not a likely success.

It’s unlikely that buy-in will come from a basis of showing them some complex math, after all, maybe 2% of the population has that much of a technical background. So instead, that buy-in is going to come from making an emotional plea. A chance to improve mankind. A chance to leave a brighter future for our children. A chance to put money back in every family’s back account by lowering energy costs. All of these things are emotional. They change people’s perspectives and outlooks.

While that differential equation might be the most important tool for an invention, it’s the least important for the adoption of the invention.

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