People like us, believe…

Patience, Generosity, Creativity and Courage win.

Long-term is the best term. Helping others get what they want gets you what you want. Exercising our minds in order to find our purpose is what it means to be human.

If you…

…want to do great work, especially unique work…

…believe in making an impact and being generous…

…want to earn a good living for your family…

…work together to create a better future for everyone…

…then you’re in the right place.

Here are some things you need.

Daily inspiration and perspective.

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Deeper ideas to break through the noise.

You deserve to be doing the work of your life. Of course, the world stands in the way. It’s filled with plenty of noise, and so is your head. The work I do is to lead you through all that muck. These require more time invested than a blog post, usually about 15 minutes per article, but the investment is certainly worth it. Click here to start your journey.

Shining examples of what to strive for.

The world is filled with people doing the kind of work you’d like to do. I’m constantly on the lookout for examples because we all need reminders, inspiration and perspective at times. This is a growing and constantly evolving list of people doing work they can be proud of. To see some phenomenal work click here.

The Latest Blog Posts

The Efficient Engineer

That’s the name of an engineering youtube channel. On the channel, there are numerous videos outlining complex engineering concepts. The production quality on these are top notch. For any of these videos, I’m not sure there is a reason for someone to make another version. If they want to add an experiment, or they want … Continue reading The Efficient Engineer

Priming the audience

Simon Sinek is preaching to an audience to demand passion at work. That creates demand for him at a company that doesn’t know how to deliver passion to their workers when their workers are pressuring management for more. Often times, we don’t prime the audience enough. Doing this, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Is people … Continue reading Priming the audience

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P.S. I spend my time doing this work because a better future for society is on the line. The stakes are enormous! If people aren’t empowered to create healthy, strong small businesses that treat employees fairly, provide for families, and do what’s right for the common good, then society is doomed.

I don’t think that’s the case.

The world is filled with enormous generosity, but many are struggling and like a drowning person, they aren’t in any position to help others. If you’re here and need help, I’ll provide what I can in hopes that things will improve for you, and you can improve things for others.

Join me in making the world a better place, starting with one business at a time. If you need a little inspiration, listen to my recording below.

The world needs you to make something better. If you need a little inspiration, take a listen.