On Decision-Making

On Taking Action

On Communicating

On Marketing

On Differentiating

  • What happened to interesting? is a discussion of how the world for the last 40-60 years seems to becoming duller in many ways, particularly as a result of big business becoming more prevalent. We need more people working on interesting stuff. I share an example of SWAG Golf Co.
  • How Others Judge You. Failing to be in the right market, context, and with the failings of information all around us, it’s likely you are continually misjudged. Understand why that happens, and what you can do to overcome it.

On Connecting

None of this is Right is written by me, Brandon Donnelly. I believe that small business is the backbone of a healthy economy and democracy. Small business encourages competition through generosity, creativity, and skill. Small business provides more opportunity for workers to find a job that works for them. If you believe in small business, generosity, or creativity, my writings are for you.

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