The Next Best Idea

Assuming you just wrapped up one good project and deciding to proceed to the next, it’s difficult to evaluate what should be worked on. The right answer is always the same, “The Next Best Idea.” There’s nothing more to it than that. There is a list of ideas in your head, or on paper and the next one should be the best one there. It’s that simple.

My Next Ideas

The Common Good Awards
An awards for people who do work towards the common good with the goal of raising the status of those who contribute most to the common good.

The Politician’s Pledge
A pledge that helps people determine which politicians are worth trusting and which aren’t. It also makes it clear how society expects a politician to behave.

The Community
A community of like-minded people who are working towards common goals and sharing ideas.

The Chamber of Commerce Tour
Promoting ideas at the local level for small businesses to do the work of growing their businesses.

A great company doing great work. A couple ideas for them.

The Latte Cup
Served warm with honey and croûtons. I won’t say more.

A company with a great culture and Tobi Lutke has the right approach to work.

A good company with a great mission. Something that can help them win their fight against Google.