A loss of focus

It is easy to lose focus. All that has to happen is have too many things to track enter the frame. After all, busyness can sneak up on us.

At work, it’s easy to have our task list grow until managing it efficiently is no longer possible. The important tasks getting buried in with the drudgery. Of course, it is possible to climb out, but at times it doesn’t feel like it. Sometimes without realizing it we are grasping on to things we don’t need to be. In writing, I’ve even written about Holding onto too many drafts.

The deeper I get in to my career, and my life, the more I realize focus is incredibly important. When I was young, I would lament not being able to get something going that I was interested in. The reality was I had too many interests. Now that I’m older, with a family, and a daughter with her own growing interests that I want to be a part of, I have to make decisions.

I’ve spent the last two months mostly not writing on this blog after 4 years of mostly not missing writing. The reason for that was because my career, and my family life were both struggling. I could not continue doing this and pull myself out of that. However, focus can be looked at a lot of different ways. Provided that something does leave so far out of your view that it never comes back, you can always bring it back in to focus.

That’s what I’ve done with this blog. It’s something that I will continue to do in all aspects of my life.

When you’re overwhelmed, be deliberate in what you dump from your focus, but try to remember the ones that truly are important and you need to come back to.