Bryan Cranston Hot Ones

I watched a Hot Ones episode with Bryan Cranston recently. Two bits of wisdom in acting caught my attention:

  • Audiences will cry if a character doesn’t cry easily
  • Audiences won’t laugh if a character laughs easy

The interesting thing about this is that he mentions sketch comedy and stage shows where people are in the room with you work differently. We’re engaged with them. On Saturday Night Live when an actor giggles the audience giggles.

There is a life lesson here, when you are pitching something, selling something and you are in the same room, the audience is on your side much more than a recorded webinar or video. They are along for the journey and you have their permission. They want you to succeed in whatever you are trying to sell.

On the other side of this, if you are afraid to be on the journey and live with someone, you better have prepared and create the right tension because you need more to pull people to the state you are looking to put them into.