Why all social media devolves into the same thing.

The average person, doesn’t enjoy the “average” society.

Everyone’s interests being represented means no one’s interests are satisfied.

Social media always devolves into a mix of religion, motivation, hustle, controversy, entertainment, bragging, education and advertising at scale. Most people are only interested in a few of those, but the rest of those are forced on you in social media that serves everyone.

Consider LinkedIn. I’ve seen posts on there becoming religious, with other commenters questioning whether LinkedIn is the place for such posts. However, when you consider that there are plenty of jobs in churches or parishes, it becomes obvious that for those people, the religious nature of their posts is relevant to their careers. What the questioners are really wondering is, “Why am I seeing this? This doesn’t relate to MY career at all.” They feel it is so far outside of what they use LinkedIn for in their career that they question if it should be allowed.

Of course, as all social media naturally networks everyone, it’s easy to find things that are antithetical to our own beliefs or expectations of what we showed up expecting to find. It’s easy to lash out.

I’m not sure there is a solution to this problem. However, there is a clear thought here, audiences like things that fit their expectations.

P.S. I’ve written quite a bit about audiences before: