Adventures create friendships

I was reading an online post the other day about how most friends are made in the classroom.

Then there was other opinions chiming in about how work happens to offer that outlet as well.

Finally, someone mentioned that if you stick the same people in a room for long enough, they’ll eventually find they have similarities or shared interests.

I’ll take a more generalized theory, we make friends when we share adventures.

The classroom is an adventure teaching us things we never knew before. Learning the same things with other people obviously creates a shared experience that creates bonds.

Working in certain jobs at certain companies can be an adventure, that similarly leads somewhere.

Where you find adventure, you find friends.

Here are some adventures to start:

  1. A band
  2. A club
  3. A business
  4. A group trip
  5. An event

There are unlimited adventures out there, and you certainly have the option at any time to invite others on yours.