The right teacher, curriculum and pace.

Meet enough successful professionals and many will tell you, “School is a waste.”

What they really mean, is that the pacing, the classrooms and the teachers matter to the learning experience, though they don’t communicate it that way. Where this comes from is that the traditional schooling didn’t resonate with their desired methods of learning. Traditional schools have a set curriculum, set pace, and teacher’s who all generally have same background, university degrees in education.

We are seeing far more choice of this than ever before:

  1. YouTube Channels
  2. Khan Academy
  3. Podcasts
  4. Mastermind and Executive Groups
  5. Universities
  6. Community Colleges
  7. Online Courses

These all have different presentation types. They have different production qualities. They have different pacing. They come from those who have different work experiences.

As a result, the ability to learn and grow as a person is nearly unlimited, at least in relation to previous times in society. If you haven’t thought about what you need or would like to learn, how you want to learn it, and who should be doing it along side you, it’s time to do so.