The conference and the food

The food at a conference cannot change how good the content is. Good food, and bad presentations, is just a company dinner. However, good presentations with mediocre food at a conference misses the point.

We communicate things in a number of different ways. Some are communicated in words. Others are communicated by body language. Some are implied by society. Last but not least is the much is communicated by our actions.

The food at a conference, and the experience itself is an opportunity to say this is how we do things in this group of people. Here are items that can be communicated with no words:

  1. Punctuality.
  2. Quality standards
  3. Power and Hierarchy
  4. Transparency
  5. Planning and communicating the plan
  6. Coordination

I’m sure there are more that you can add to the list.

The important takeaway is that while a conference is about the ideas being presented, it is also about so much more. After all, how often do all these people get together, and how many opportunities do you have to convey items such as those above on such a large scale?

Make the opportunity count.