The Expected Value vs. Average Value Chasm

It’s likely that you are valuing the tasks on your plate incorrectly. In fact, even more likely you’re not even valuing something at all that is high value.

A good example is sales prospecting emails. Most get zero responses. However, it requires sales prospects to make sales. While the expected value of each individual email is zero, the average average email value is your yearly sales/emails sent out. I’d guess for most sales people that value is around $500-$1000 dollars. If you were paid that average value every time you sent one of those emails, it would be your whole day, but because you aren’t and you have to wait for one of them to turn into something, it’s easy to do less than you should.

If we all crossed this expected value to average value chasm in the right manner and to the best of our abilities while low value tasks get automated, we’d see a rising standard of living,