Waves, rhythm and accomplishment

Waves are cyclical, however, different waves have different amplitudes and different frequencies.

How waves combine is typically what we call “rhythm”.

Rhythm is what determines how long a particular accomplishment takes.

One example is in sales careers, there are multiple waves. Annual quotas, quarterly targets, monthly initiatives, weekly team meetings and daily conversations with customers. For most companies, for this particular career, you’ll find this rhythm. This is what produces certain accomplishment, or at least is perceived to be the right rhythm.

Everyone needs to find their own “waves” that lead them to the right pace in their life. Some different examples might be:

  1. An author – Spends 2 years writing a book, then a while touring around promoting it.
  2. A crab fisherman, out at sea during the season, then back home for a while.

The list could be endless, but I won’t go further.

Most times when people are looking for work, they are seeking jobs that match their skills, but another consideration is a job that matches your rhythm. After all, it’s likely that a job that doesn’t match your rhythm can break you faster than a job that doesn’t match your skills. Skills adapt better, rhythm is more ingrained.