Determining Audience and Offering

As the costs of individual tasks is pushed ever lower through technology and automation, one of the only things left to do is pick and audience and an offering and find combinations of tasks to be done that create value for the audience.

This seems easy, but the difficulty lies in its pure triviality. “What do I want to do?” is one of the toughest questions for just about anyone to answer for a reason.

While some think, “I’ll just do something, then I’ll figure out who will pay for it.” That mostly fails because when it comes time to figure out where you will place marketing ads, how to resonate with those people looking for what you offer, and the value they will receive from what you do, it all comes up as unanswerable.

Determining the audience and the offering is where fortunes (monetary and otherwise) are made. It’s not that doing this leads inevitably to success, but that the lack of this approach almost always leads to inevitable failure.