1 way or multi-way decisions

The world is filled with many little 1 way decisions. “What should I eat for dinner?” is a good example. However, decisions that are 1 way are simple to answer, and as such, they aren’t valued highly.

More highly valued are decisions where multiple parties are involved and each may react in a way that changes subsequent decisions down the line. If a trucking company decides to invest in lithium ion battery vehicle development, another company may decide to do so as well, then there is competition, and it’s possible that the other party entering the space changes the economics of it, possibly better, or possibly for worse.

These complex, multi-way, interparty interactions that are difficult to answer, and can never truly be “optimized” like many 1 way decisions can are where the value in the world lies.

Getting good at dealing with ambiguity, shifting environments, understanding direct and indirect assumptions and making important decisions is where leaders are made.