Can creativity make you organized, or can organization make you creative?

If you take time to craft a new style of desk that completely fits your digital stuff, your writing stuff, your notes and keeps you organized, that is an example of using creativity to make yourself organized.

If you take the time to line up your tools, your paintbrushes, your varnishes and other finishes in a woodshop, and get some new materials in, the only thing left is to think about what you want to do, with the awareness of where everything is at in order to produce the piece in your imagination, the only thing left to do is put in the creative efforts.

Creativity and organization are inextricably linked.

If you don’t think so, find a healthy person you know, one that is low on creativity, and you’ll find they are probably organized. One such person in my life that comes to mind hand recipe cards nicely written and alphabetically ordered by main dish. They would also copy a number of side dish recipes that go along with it and put it in there for multiple options. They were then sealed in pouches to prevent them from fading or getting beat up and to keep all of that particular meals variations together. While there was a lot of organization, there was a hint of creativity in there to produce such a system. I certainly wouldn’t have duplicated side recipes and put them with each main dish.

One way to go about achieving one or the other is to look at what you’re struggling with: organization or creativity, then take the one you aren’t struggling with and take it to the extreme, in the course of doing so, the other will likely activate.