The longest gap

I haven’t been in a good headspace as far as writing this blog goes. I just completed the longest gap I’ve ever had without putting up a new blog.

It was 11 days.

It felt like it was an eternity.

During that time period, I went through feeling bad about not putting up new blogs, to acceptance that I can’t do everything all the time and even wondered, “Am I done with the blog as the 4th year of writing it is coming to an end?”

Today, I didn’t expect to write something here at all, but after a single relaxing weekend without much going on, I reached the evening and there was nothing else happening, and I thought to myself, “I should write something.”

So here I am.

This story dovetails with another in my family. My parent’s current story.

They sold their business and retired in May. They were thinking about their next steps, then my mom was shortly after diagnosed with cancer, received treatment and went into remission, only for my father to get cancer and have surgery to remove a tumor.

One thing they noted, “We’re not sure how we ever had the time to work.” Since, they’ve been non-stop handling issues since retiring. They certainly are in a gap before starting their enjoyment as they work back to health.

My burnout was a combination of things crashing all around me, and writing feeling like it was the least important aspect of my life and getting dropped. However, that doesn’t mean it is unimportant to me, as at the first sign of relief, my mind decided, “It’s time to write.”

It seems to me in the world we live in, we have so much going on, that important things get crowded out. What matters is the duration that goes on for.

I missed 11 days of writing. In the grand scheme, that’s like a bad case of the flu knocking me out for a couple weeks so bad I can’t do anything.e

If I missed 11 years, that’s an entirely different problem.

Life is full of gaps and delays, but getting comfortable with that, and back to the work when possible is a skill to be learned. Finding happiness and your way back to things that comfort you is a necessity for surviving in turbulent times.