Inconsistent results

We beat ourselves up constantly, even if not realizing it.

If a professional bowler is starting to have inconsistent nights, it’s possible they think their skills are getting dull. Their physical abilities are diminishing and they are no longer at the skill level they need to be. It’s easy to think that more practice and effort is needed?

What happens if after increasing the practice and effort, the results are getting more inconsistent and worse? Do we lose all faith in ourselves?

That’s what is the most common?

What if the root of the cause was actually a worn out piece of grip tape? Causing an ever so slightly, early and inconsistent release of the ball? The increase practice wore the tape down even more exacerbating the problem.

What was the end result?

Personal blame. Self-doubt. Increased effort with decreased results.

Many times, it’s good to self-reflect on all the variables possible and where they can be changed, rather than take everything as a personal failure. If you don’t you may double, triple or quadruple your efforts without better results. If increased efforts don’t realize increased results, look at the your “tape”.