As we can do more with less…

thanks to technology, should we do less effort to product the same result?

Or should we do the same effort to produce more results?

This is the $100 Trillion Dollar sociological question of the coming century.

Here are some questions to start to frame it in your mind:

  1. Look at short from content on youtube that is essentially ads. Is 1,000 of those ads done by 1-2 people better than 1 commercial created with 1000X the production effort?
  2. As it is easier than ever to find people you need to connect with is more time spent connecting better or should that time be better spent building a relationship?
  3. What is happiness most tightly correlated with? Production? Relationships? Leisure? Health?
  4. If every system is automated, does that mean that accountability is harder to come across when something doesn’t work as intended? Doing more tasks with automated assistance lowers the accountability for each task a person has.
  5. How big of an undertaking should one person be able to orchestrate vs a government or societal decision. The billionaire space race seems like the sorts of things society should collectively decide on through government. Pioneers were valuable, but historically, you could be relatively poor and still be a pioneer. Space pioneers will have a limited pool due to the resources required