Regular Scheduled Programming

It used to seem that nothing was on TV. That the regularly schedule programming SUCKED. When streaming services for shows and movies came along, it seemed like freedom. How wonderful to find something new and amazing and put it on at your schedule!

Now, I have no TV and only streaming services and moving into a busier stage of life with more work and family responsibility, I yearn for the regularly scheduled programming!

There are a few reasons for this phenomenon:

  1. When streaming was new, the list was full of good stuff I hadn’t seen, now, not so much, especially as new streaming services arrive looking for exclusive licensing for popular titles.
  2. I’m now making more decisions in my life than ever before. Decision-making fatigue is real. I would enjoy being surprised with something randomly good coming on, or even just something familiar that I didn’t have to actively search my mind for.
  3. The excitement of waiting for another episode has been lost. Anticipation isn’t a thing anymore. It’s short-lived when a new series drops, followed by a quick burst of watching, then disappointment that new episodes are 12 months away.

Thinking on this, there is more room for any marketer out there to understand that this phenomenon goes beyond movies. Selections in every category have risen dramatically. Curating, and creating regularly scheduled programming that someone can tune into, or that feels familiar is a way to win the attention of others out there.