A thought about audiences

Amaury Guichon is a chocolate artisan, but he makes different things. While his entire audience may all be interested in his chocolate craft, his creations may stir interest from others based on their other interests including:

  • Robots
  • People about to propose
  • Wildlife enthusiasts
  • Race car types
  • Sculptors
  • Game enthusiasts
  • Fun(guys) – Fungus
  • Music
  • Campers

When seeking out an audience for your work, you don’t always have to go about it so straight-forward. A company that makes camping gear, could make products for (or just market to) people who love music. A jam company could make jam for married couples. A weight-loss company could target people who work on Wall Street.

You don’t have to see your audience as a monolith, there can be sub-audiences. Figuring out how your business can serve them in their alternate interests can make your connection with them even stronger.

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