How to build your faith.

One purpose most religions seem to serve is how to have faith. Most assume that means belief in the religion being followed, but I actually mean “faith that everything will be fine, especially during turbulent times in life.”

Having faith means knowing you’ll get through any trial in life fine and that you don’t need to feel beat down, distraught, fearful or any other negative feel because you will make it.

Knowing the people in my life I lived beside, worked with, and engaged with in daily life, for some, this concept of faith is ingrained. It doesn’t need to be stoked by an outside force, it just is something inside of them. Inherent to their personality. For others, they need stories, inspirations, sermons, movies, to continue to ignite the idea that everything will be fine.

Here’s a few ideas to build your faith:

  1. Ask something uncomfortable, but reasonable from a stranger and see how they respond. Can you give me a ride back to my house? To a complete stranger would be a good example. Do they blow up at you? Ask for more information? Politely decline? Is that reaction less severe than you expect? You’ve built some faith in people.
  2. Call someone directly about a job. See a job posting? Call and ask about it before even putting a resume together. Talk about what you can do? Did it go better than expected? Or even better, did it go bad, but you still survived. You’ve built faith in yourself.
  3. Try raising money for a worthy cause in your community. Is there someone you know who is is sick or needs assistance? Is there something that can be done to improve your community? Are you able to raise awareness and see what others are willing to contribute? Congratulations, you’ve built faith in your community.

Faith is important because it’s what is needed to do any project with unknowns. It’s needed for a successful career. It’s needed for a successful marriage. It’s needed to be a parent. There is no aspect of life that isn’t made better by always having the feeling that everything will work out for you. While there is plenty of things in life that seek to batter it, there are far more ways to build it than the three items I listed above. Exercise it just as you do your muscles.