Skills that are more valuable than the market

Whenever you look at averages, there must be something in the collection of items being averaged that is above the average and also something that is below the average. That comes simply from definition.

Take an ice cream sundae, something in that has to be the worst component for you health-wise. Sugar…cream…vanilla…cocoa powder…condensed milk…cocoa butter…heavy cream…nuts…cherry. One of those is the least healthy item, so the sundae itself is better than eating an equivalent pile of pure sugar perhaps.

In that same vein, the stock market is made of companies who have an average return amongst them, some better and some worse than average, and those companies are made up of people who produce for those companies. Some produce more and some produce less. For those seeking freedom, your goal should be to get in that high producing section.

When your skills are capable of taking your existing money and returning more than 9.8% a year on it, you are on your way to riches, even if it doesn’t seem like it, or you haven’t yet had the opportunity to take advantage. It also means you can take bigger risks and have confidence.

Focus on developing valuable skills.