The dollar slice.

That’s a reference to New York pizza. It’s a slice that sold at a place that cranks out pizza all day. It’s not the greatest pizza anywhere, but it’s readily available and cheap.

This contrasts with more gourmet style of pizza that may have special care taken in the dough recipe, ingredient sourcing, or method of cooking. You may also have to wait for it to be prepared.

Both of these are methods of working:

  1. The dollar slice. This is low margin, high speed, crank out the product kind of work. You don’t have to put too much thought into the work because it’s the same thing all the time. You make more money by being faster.
  2. This is high margin, thoughtful work. Faster doesn’t necessarily make your more money because people are paying a premium for your care. If that drops, then the premium is no longer worth it.

In my experience, different kinds of people like working in each of these categories. If you are upset with the type of work you do, think about which category your work falls into, and ask yourself if you might like the methodology of the other category instead.