Yin and Yang as an alternative to hypocrisy.

I learned about Yin and Yang when I was in school. Basically stated as “Without the dark, there cannot be light.” Vice versa was often stated as well.

Today, I’ve discovered a more nuanced approach, Yin and Yang as an alternative to hypocrisy. This can be seen in politics today. Each side showing how the other is hypocritical in someway. Yet, without diving into specifics that make this post actually political, Yin and Yang basically say without that small bit of hypocrisy, beliefs wouldn’t exist at all. You can’t be kind to everyone if no one is ever stingy.

If you start to understand this, you can move beyond who is a hypocrite and who isn’t and start to discuss, “Obviously there is going to be a tiny amount of abuse/misunderstanding/opposition of whatever system or belief is being shared, but what is the bigger spirit of this that can be seen through that?”

Once you move away from who is a hypocrite, which is everyone at some point, you can have an actual conversation about what is best.