Mr. Beast Wonka Bars

I’m not a Mr. Beast fan, but the guy gets an amazing amount of views on YouTube.

One thing he did was make a brand of chocolate bars in the fashion on Willy Wonka. He then built a Willy Wonka-style warehouse and crafted fun and games to sell his bars. That took a tremendous amount of effort and money to pull off.

Most people will look at the latter of “effort and money” and say “See that’s why I can’t do it, I have no money.” In reality, all money buys is effort and previous effort by others. So it’s all effort, all the way down.

That project that you think isn’t going to work, definitely has a shot. What you are actually concerned about whether you will get burned out from your efforts before success happens. Of course, there are many factors and pivots can be required at times, but those too are efforts.