That feeling of emptiness is one of consumption.

I’m hesitant to consider something universal, when it is based entirely on my experience with my own personality, so I’m going to share something about how I feel.

I haven’t been creating as much. Not writing as much. Not cooking as much. I was in a block for a bit of what to put up for LinkedIn content for my day job, so I wasn’t doing that as much either.

Today, I made a great breakfast, crafted a school bus out of paper with my daughter, then wrote a blog. It was a good day. It didn’t feel empty. It felt fulfilling.

For me, the feeling of emptiness comes when I’m not creating. Each item I create fuels an idea and gives energy to something else I’d like to do. There are plenty of causes for this cycle to break like illness, or conflicting life constraints, etc. However, the cure is always the same. Create more. Connect more. Be more fulfilled.