The way forward.

The smallest agreeable step.

That is the only way forward in a group with different goals, knowledge and desires.

Too often, we are looking for enormous wins. We are asking for too much. We are seeking glory, rather than improvement.

When you have an idea, and you aren’t sure where to go with it, the best thing may to be not to shoot for the moon with. It may be to meet with someone who can add value to the project and agree on a single step that can move things forward, even in the slightest manner.

Here’s an example, you want to start a newsletter, but you’re not sure if you have the skills to deliver. Can you meet with someone who has the computer skills to do so, and agree on some requirements and a price? Not even making the purchase, but just the act of hashing our requirements to get to pricing is moving you forward.

One step at a time.

Enormous wins don’t usually happen, and when they do, they are usually fated with all kinds of people claiming to own their success.

The longest trails are far longer than the biggest leaps, and trails are cut one step at a time.