Stairmaster or Water Slide

A stairmaster is gym equipment that has a never ending set of stairs for the user to climb.

For the kind of water slide I mentioned in the title, it may be a story or two up with plenty of stairs to climb. If you had such a water slide, why would you ever choose a stair master? That thrill of going down the slide seems much more exciting than the never ending drudgery of the stair master. Yet, not everyone will see it that way. For some, they won’t like that the water goes up their nose at the end of the slide. They may not like the feeling of not being in control on the way down the slide, or they may not like the water all that much in general.

For those who do love water slides, I’m not sure they would even register as competing with the stairmaster as a form of exercise. Going down the slide is the reward, but it’s so enjoyable that the work of going up the stairs is ignored completely.

Crafting an experience, one that excites people so much that people forget about the effort, that’s what great businesses are built on. We need more stair masters disguised in the form of water slides and other experiences to make the world a happier, healthier place.