Without a purpose

A purpose is a majorly overlooked asset.

It can be wide or narrow in scope.

For example, at your job, if you are an engineer in the automotive industry, optimizing your designs to be incredibly safe is a great purpose. It doesn’t define your entire life in a broad stroke, but it defines how you operate in your job and provides meaningful satisfaction in your work besides compensation.

A purpose provides the following:

  1. Direction – Which leads a person to making better decisions.
  2. Satisfaction – Seeing that all your decisions and actions are leading somewhere
  3. Resiliency – meaning that helps you whether the ups and downs

Without a purpose, lost, dissatisfied and easily discouraged is the status quo. Perhaps it’s not a job, a house, a car, or money you want, it’s a purpose. It’s worth seeking. It’s even more worth sharing yours with others.