Seeking higher value for sanity

It’s tempting to continue to believe, “If we just work a little more, everything will be better.”

Of course, this works fine the first time you stretch your efforts. Fine the second time. Perhaps even the third. Eventually, however, you will always reach a point where “a little more” will affect your sanity.

The solution to this is always the same: Seek higher value.

One example of this is a sales rep, selling a items that net him $1000 commission. Each year, he gets a bit better, and works a bit harder, but eventually a ceiling is reached. At that point, to make more money, selling something that sells just as often but that nets a $5,000 commission is the next career step.

This could also apply to your responsibilities. Delegating the smaller items so that you can focus on bigger picture items is a great example of this. If you’ve had big ambitions at work, but have been stuck in the monotony, then getting the small items off your plate is where the value is.

This is a tougher balance than the immediate thought suggests? Why? Because that monotony that I mentioned? Someone else is trying to put there’s on you, the same as you are trying to put yours on them. The trick is to find out when you’ve reached the right level of responsibility and value to be happy.