Genius of Dental Hygiene

I went for a teeth cleaning at the dentist last week. I had the best hygienist I’ve ever had. In fact, she made it seem like the dozen other hygienists that I’ve used have been clueless about the job.

Here’s a list of things that were excellent:

  1. Jaw comfort – Most have me crank my jaw open so far it’s difficult to hold. Not the case.
  2. No unexpected pain or pokes – Most other hygienists accidentally or strongly end up scraping my gums causing significant pain at certain points. That didn’t happen.
  3. Conversation – she was conversational without be intrusive or feeling like a captive audience.
  4. Health tips – she gave me a few tips I had never been given before that seemed useful.
  5. Speed – with all of the above she didn’t seem to rush, but the appointment still seemed faster than usual.

All-in-all it was the best trip to the dentist office I’ve had.

Of course, I didn’t write this post to share about my Dental Hygienist. The point is that no matter what line of work you are in, there is a combination of skills that if done to the highest level could be considered “genius”. That’s not typically how most people look at things. Most people consider genius to be correlated with:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Science
  3. Legal
  4. History
  5. Musical
  6. Other academic fields

However there are far more types of genius than that. If the world would spend more time seeing it, then we’d all be better off.

If you need more examples:

You can choose to be whatever type of genius you like. Just dedicate yourself to a craft and think about all the skills that go into it.