Make a pizza. Cook a pizza.

After someone order a pizza, these are the two steps. They aren’t divisible really. You can’t have a pizza sit on the peel too long before putting in the oven, otherwise it will stick and become deformed.

Of course, since the customer is waiting and they want their pizza as soon as possible, you also can’t wait to start making it too long.

There are many jobs like this with tasks that can’t be separated. This is the work that it feels like we would do if we only didn’t have all of these other items going on.

Some items that come to mind:

  1. Capitalizing on a current event as it relates to goods and services you provide
  2. Launching something internally at a company that you’ve made to automates certain tasks before the tasks themselves change
  3. Creating a marketing campaign to capitalize on a new market opportunity before someone else does

However, just because it feels overwhelming to do all the tasks related to each other in sequence and have to get it out quick, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. It just means it will be challenging and challenging is the best differentiator I know to ensure your competitors won’t copy you soon.