The dip before the rip

That’s a saying from the stock market. In the short-term, or in the normal decade long business cycle and even in the 80-100 year long super cycle, there is a dip in price before the rip. Meaning the price pulls downs before it shoots up higher than ever before. An example is a recession. For businesses that don’t die, they come back strong when the recession turns around.

My family has quite a bit going on at the moment. A lot of it negative. There are many things to put faith in, stories, people, and ideas. One idea I like to put my faith in when feeling at my lowest is that this is the dip before the rip. Once that you look at it that way, you don’t have to feel bad things aren’t great, you just have to understand that getting through today will get to tomorrow and eventually you’ll be out of the dip (the negative/bad events) and into the rip (the positive events).