Avoiding the lows

It seems to me, many people in life don’t want to deal with the lows, doing anything they can to avoid having to deal with an angry customer, a precarious financial situation, or expended effort that doesn’t pay off.

Of course in the attempt to avoid the lows, we often miss out on the highs.

  • It’s easy to never make a customer angry if you never promise them anything at all.
  • It’s easy to avoid a precarious financial situation if you never make a big investment in yourself.
  • It’s easy to avoid expended effort that doesn’t pay off if you never try anything at all.

However, while taking those easy routes, you don’t have the opportunity to:

  • Delight a customer
  • Gain financial independence when your investment pays off
  • Build something amazing that delights people

Avoiding the lows means avoiding the highs. Knowing that, proceed at the level that is right for you.