Depending on your audience, a little inconsistency can be good.

If you think about getting someone to talk about the work you do, sometimes inconsistency can be a good thing. That’s not something you would normally think as a positive.

I recently watched a Marvel movie, and since I’m not the biggest comic big person around, I looked something up. Amazingly, in my search I found post after post of people debating endless streams of inconsistencies and trying to work them out.

I’ve had friends that were big comic book fans that would also debate things endlessly.

If you need another example, just look to politics, people bicker endlessly about they said this, then did that, etc. If you are measuring frustration, it’s politics is a bad example, but if you’re measuring attention it receives, the inconsistencies certainly do their job.

Depending on who you serve, some inconsistencies, or the discussion of them might be a way to get some attention.

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