The key component of a crisis…

is time.

Without time, you have a challenge, an obstacle, or a problem, but you don’t have a crisis.

Ironically, people create their own crises as a result of this fact. The mid-life crisis is the fact that some haven’t reached artificial milestones created for themselves by a certain timeframe.

Often, we can’t get out of our own set of crises because our timelines are misconstrued one to the next.

There is so much that is possible to achieve, yet when you put a timeline to it, you create a crisis.

This is a conundrum because crises are what cause many to act. Procrastinators are really just people who love a good crisis. However, the alternative is to be accountable, take action and not worry about the clock. It takes effort, it takes skill, and it takes commitment. What it doesn’t take is a watch.

This works best for things that are measured on years or decades long timelines anyway.