Performance based on pace

It turns out, performance is often based on pace. Too slow and no one cares. Too demanding and no one can possibly keep up.

In sales, this is the quota.

In a kitchen, it’s the amount of orders.

In a retail store, it’s the amount of items to stock.

It turns out there is a delicate balance, and while great management may move the needle a bit, it will never overcome a chasm that is off by an order of magnitude. A sales rep expected to sell $10,000,000+ in an industry with an average deal size of $1,000 can’t do it, and is no different than a cook trying to make 1,000 meals by themselves.

There is a proper pacing to get the right performance.

This extends far beyond work.

It extends to your workout and weight loss routines.

It extends to building your network.

It extends to making new friends.

Choose your pace because otherwise they pace chooses you, and you don’t get to pick the performance.