The most valuable knowledge…

is the piece that is immediately applicable. At least, that is the perception. Of course, there are things that people learn like calculus, that at the time of learning don’t seem all that applicable, but by learning it unlocks all sorts of new fields of study for the wielder of that knowledge.

There is a chasm here.

On one hand, there is knowledge you need to be able to unlock the next level of ideas in the work you do. On the other hand, there is the urgency of the immediately applicable. That there is always an incremental step that can be taken, rather than investing in the knowledge the will produce entirely new possibilities.

This extends to you. This extends to a company. This extends to your customer.

That last one is the most difficult. Undoubtedly, no matter the customers you serve, you have knowledge they don’t. You have a background they don’t. Their need to understand what you know in order to do better in their industry is YOUR problem. Until you understand how to get them to understand this, then the most valuable knowledge they can benefit from will remain unheard.