When things get difficult…

…it’s easy to believe that someone else isn’t pulling their weight.

Of course, that’s a false dichotomy. Everyone can be giving their all and yet something is still difficult. Imagine 3-4 people pushing a broken down semi-truck out of the road for an example.

This becomes less obvious than the semi-truck example when:

  • The task(s) are undefined
  • The effort required is unknown
  • The desired result isn’t entirely clear

This is a multi-person method of anxiety, which I’ve touched on my theories about before here:

These are more personal anecdotes, but they often apply to work. Companies often assume people aren’t pulling their weight when performing very demanding tasks. That means that leadership, the act of making something positive happen requires:

  • Defining tasks
  • Maintaining faith in the effort
  • Defining the result

Leadership at the core is the act of reducing anxiety in a group.