The Carousel

The carousel is a time-honored ride. A big spinning platform filled with all sorts of animals that children and free-spirited adults can enjoy as it makes them feel a little bit of magic again.

The interesting things about the carousel to me is how it is made. The structural components that make up the bulk of the volume repeat in regular patterns, and are pretty standard components, possibly trimmed to length. However, I’ve seen carousel’s that have every animal be different, like the one at a big zoo near me. That means that someone had to skillfully craft hundreds of different animals for that particular carousel. Are there enough carousels produced each year to sell many of each of those designs? Not likely, but that’s what made this particular carousel special.

There is often a way to take something standard and make it special, however, it all comes down to time and care. For some, they’ll look at the cost, but for those who see things others miss, the value of care that wows us is always more than the cost.