It’s easier to change that to be consistent.

I heard an old Japanese proverb, “It’s easier to change that to be consistent.” There is some truth to that. Perhaps, a bit is lost in translation. My version is “It’s easier to change than to be consistently good.”

It’s not hard to consistently be a jerk. It is hard to be consistently nice.

It’s not hard to never have any answers. It is hard to always have the right answer,

It’s not hard to put out a bad product, it is extremely hard to put out an amazing one.

So what can be done about this?

Systems and tools.

A daily system of attitude correction such as meditating when feeling agitated may be necessary to consistently be nice.

Someone asked a number of questions may not know the answer, but with a tool like Google they can find them out.

Putting out a bad product? Well, it’s possible that can be resolved with the right software to help designers.

It may be easier to change than to be consistent, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. In fact, it is worth the effort because the world rewards those who are consistently good in big ways.