Writing it down

There are so many things that are oral traditions. One way to create value is to write it down.

When joining a new company, there is often people asking all kinds of the same questions, but rarely does anyone take the time to document things. At big company, there may be documents regarding overall company processes. Then there may be documentation for larger groups, but usually as you get closer to a more specific role that documentation fades.

It’s a shame because this is where the magic can happen. When someone is effective at something documenting how is a great way to make that effectiveness more scalable to new people. This doesn’t diminish ones value, in fact it creates more opportunity for the whole company to grow opening up entirely new opportunities.

Here are just a few things you can write down:

  • Standards
  • Expectations
  • Values
  • Process
  • Stories
  • Important document locations

Someone already has to tell you these things anyway, why not put some words to them?