Losing focus.

My blog writing has felt lackluster to me personally for a bit of time. Maybe it is perceived. Maybe it is reality, but something that is certain, somewhere along the line, I lost a bit of focus.

Nearly everyday I have 3-5 good thoughts that can make for phenomenal blog posts. The thing is they are always inspired by a task, a location, an interaction, and they are fleeting. If I don’t capture them quickly, at least a draft, it’s easy for the thought to get lost in the rest of the day.

When I was writing what I consider the peak of the ability for this blog, the main difference was I was capturing ideas as the happened with titles and drafts and at the end of the day I would sit down and flesh it out. Sometimes I would even be driving and pull over to type a title and bullet points into my phone. Lately, I just sit down at the end of the day and have to try to pull something together.

This leads to two ideas:

  1. Inspiration matters. While it isn’t the only thing that matters, utilizing it to do the best possible work you can is important.
  2. Focus is important. While it can’t be maintained uniformly forever, when I lost my focus that each inspiration needs to be captured in the moment, the work became lower quality.

Take these two together and your focus should be on your inspiration, after that your routines, such as me writing a blog daily, can take over and finish the job. Losing the focus doesn’t necessarily mean stopping the work, it can mean diminishing quality as well.