Support and Resistance

In the stock market, there are terms called “Support” and “Resistance” which refer to the ability of the price of a stock to be supported from easily falling lower than a certain level, or resist going higher past a certain level.

People have both “support” and “resistance” as well. Most have people who support us and prevent us from becoming homeless in bad times, such as relying on family in economic uncertainty. We often have resistance as well, people that feed our negative thoughts. That tell us success is only for the lucky, and that isn’t us.

This goes even further, physiologically. We have blood sugar levels for example. Crank them too high, and it becomes hard to go below the support level without getting headaches, nausea, or plain irritability. This is a “withdrawal”. On the otherside, drink too much caffeine, and eventually it stops working for you. You become resistant to it.

All across the universe at all kinds of scales, internal dialogues, animal physiology, finances, physical phenomenon, social phenomenon, politics, medicine, and nearly any other topic you can think of, there is infinite game of balance being struck between support and resistance. Understanding this balance, seeing it, using it to your advantage or minimizing the damage from it is where every opportunity lies.

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