Movies at home vs. the Theater

Movies at home aren’t the same as at the theater.

I took my daughter to her first movie today. She sat still. She paid near 100% attention. At home, it’s always, “I need milk.” Or bouncing around. Or playing with toys a bit while the movie plays in the background.

What’s the takeaway?

The experience matters.

The movie theater is dark, drowning out most of the surrounding elements in the theater. The screen is enormous and the only focal point. There are no tertiary attractions like my daughter’s toys. The sound is louder than home, demanding your attention which you willingly give. Taken together, the experience is hard to ignore.

The reality is that while ignoring a properly crafted experience is tough, ignoring your opportunity to craft such an experience is easy. We all do it nearly every day. Whether it’s not choosing the right sales setting. Whether it’s not thinking about what employees see when then come into the office. Whether our dinner routine is setup for the conversation and attention we want to have with our loved ones. Crafting the setting is important to get the experience and the result you want.