Nerdiness is the ability to…

…maintain enthusiasm.

Think about it. Many of us enjoyed card games, yet the kids that grow up into adults and still enjoy them may be seen as nerdy!

Many of us enjoy learning history as a child, but often those who continue studying history become…

…history nerds.

Fitness nerds.

Golf nerds.

The world is full of nerds.

Being a nerd isn’t a source of shame, even if some make it feel like it is. It’s a source of great power when harnessed. When you can know the modern state of things in a large topic, and still be enthusiastic to share it with others, dig deeper, and maybe even cultivate new knowledge, that is when things get better.

The world needs more nerds. You can choose which type of nerd to be. And as a quick reminder, this has nothing to do with your social skills, which is something else entirely.