Exertion equals awareness…

and awareness isn’t always a good thing. I’m not talking about self-awareness, which is positive. I’m talking about the awareness of time.

When you are exerting yourself heavily, you immediately try to figure out when you can stop. If you increase to a fast pace on a treadmill, you will watch the clock much more than if you were walking at a calm pace.

This is almost certainly evolutionary. If you were heavily exerting yourself chasing prey, or running from danger, you didn’t do it longer than necessary. Conserving energy is important to survival after all. So today, even though we may be exerting ourselves voluntarily, rather than for survival, it often makes us aware of time as it passes. The problem is that results compound slower than we run out of energy. To solve this, pacing is appropriate. However, a pace that is one person’s exertion may be another’s relaxing pace. So discretion matters.

We build “muscles” by getting good at what we practice. If you haven’t realized it, this is about much more than exercise. It’s about our brains. It’s about our habits. It’s about our health. It’s about the fact that for everything we want to get better, we shouldn’t be watching the time and for that to happen, we need to pick the appropriate pace, which will speed up naturally as we build our “muscles”.

If you are wondering, “When will this all be over?” you may be over-exerting. Check your pace.