The pre-shot routine.

I’ve been in competitive bowling for decades. One thing all high-level bowlers do is the pre-shot routine. Generally, this consist of wiping the oil of your ball, airing your hand dry and powdering it with rosin and then stepping onto the lane in the appropriate spot. All of this prepares your mind for consistency.

Two years ago when the pandemic hit, and some people no longer commuted to work, many lost their “pre-shot routine” metaphorically speaking. While wake up, eat breakfast, shower, dress, drive, isn’t the only routine there has to be, I do believe many people like myself struggled for consistency in the mornings when years of routine was broken. And that was from someone like me who hated commuting!

The “pre-shot routine” is overlooked for different group activities to get people on the same page:

  • When you have a brainstorming session at work, is there a pre-shot routine that adds to the work you are about to do, or is it typical milling around and chat about the weather until someone says, “Let’s get down to it.”
  • When you are going out to eat as a family, is there a pre-shot routine that calms everyone? Makes everyone excited for dinner and happy to be together?
  • When you are doing something new for the first time, is there are pre-shot routine that gets you mentally prepared for something you are unfamiliar with?

There many opportunities to improve life, work, and family with “pre-shot routines”. Just don’t let the word “routine” trick you because it doesn’t have to be boring, they are your own personal ceremonies. Fashion them as you see fit.

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