MasterChef Junior Pizza Making

My young daughter likes watching MasterChef junior.

On the particular episode she watched most recently, they had a team pizza making challenge. The pizza has to be built and cooked correctly to count. However, of the three teams, they nearly all had many improperly prepared pizzas. Only about a third of the pizzas were made correctly.


They were flustered. The judges on the show were screaming “Fast! Fast! Hurry! Oven is empty!”.

While these are only children, this was a bold example of life. When you are doing something new, your internal monologue can create the same feeling. If even one of the teams had a leader with the maturity to say, “I know this is a contest to go the fastest, but the first priority has to be correct, then fast comes after.” They could have gone half the speed of the other teams with 100% success rate on the pizzas and won first place.

This is true for adults at jobs, in business, as artists, etc.

Half speed works as a good starting point. Find success. Increase velocity. Repeat.