The world now runs on calculus

Reading/writing/arithmetic. That is what school used to be for. The problem is that in addition to this, more and more the world is running on programming and calculus. We teach calculus to a select few in high school, and yet it is impacting the way the world runs. Your social media algorithms are built on calculus, choosing what to show you based on known sensitivities to content that you like and dislike. Same with your shopping preferences on websites. Same with the news you consume. Same with the alerts you receive on your phone.

All of these perspective shifting options are chosen for you based on calculus. All driven mathematically on what will create a better outcome for the particular business you are visiting.

I once talked about when Architects were historians, but then science came along. When you are in an industry that is based on arithmetic, then calculus arrives, the same thing happens.

Artists of the pasts perhaps didn’t need to understand calculus, but now if you want your work to spread on social media, you might want to. How else are you going to hack the algorithms and get more exposure unless you understand how they work?

The world needs calculus more than ever, some will choose to lament the world and how it used to not be necessary, others will learn and adapt. You get to choose which one you want to be.